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First generation :
Dr C.D.Mathews(1927-2014) –Consultant Homoeopath Practicing since 1951 from Thrissur.

Pioneering Homoeopathic treatment in Kerala since 1951, Dr C.D.Mathews has been a recipient of several awards. It is this grandfatherly guidance, strong values and timeless wisdom, the foundation pillars on which Nicholson Homoeopathy is built.

Dr. C.D Mathews founded Chemmanur Clinical Laboratories – established in 1953 at Chavakkad, Thrissur. The Chemmanur Clinical Laboratories has been serving the market with a number of patent medicines like Ferrotone, Alfatone, Utritone, Hepatone etc.and has several reliable remedies in its repertoire. Some of these remedies enjoy enormous credibility among practitioners as well as patients.

Dr C.D.Mathews was able to provide a new safe and well defined foundation. He was occupied at great depth and had undertaken practical studies in this friendly medicine system, while basing on the specifications of Dr Hahnemann. This R&D unit was developed with such exceptional rapidity that it soon achieved acclaim and recognition throughout South India.

The production of Homoeopathic remedies in Nicholas Laboratories is based on the original, classical specifications by Dr Hahnemann and scrupulously sustained by these 2 generations of practitioners. They have been modified and complemented during the course of years by the healing touch provided by Dr (Mrs) Lizy Nicholas and Dr. Reji Nicholas in accordance with the new homoeopathic pharmacopoeias.

Second Generation :
Dr Lizy Nicholas – Consultant Homoeopath Practicing since 1980 from Thrissur.

Dr Lizy Nicholas, armed with a Diploma in Homoeopathy Science was initiated into practice by her illustrious father in 1980. Practicing from her clinic at Thrissur, she is also blessed with a healing touch, which has brought smiles to thousands of suffering patients so far.

Third Generation :
Dr Reji Nicholas –Consultant Homoeopath &Trichologist Practicing since 2000 from Ernakulam and Thrissur. Also Senor Consultant at Atlas Star Medical Center in Dubai & Muscat

If Homoeopathy is a science based on experience, Dr Reji Nicholas B.H.M.S., M.D., is a homoeopath in the accepted sense of the term. In the sense Dr Hahnemann would employ that term. Dr Reji, who has his feet well planted on the foundations laid by his grandfather and mother, has his consulting units spread across Kerala and beyond.

Dr Reji’s thesis for his Masters program at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences at Bangalore was efficacy of homoeopathy medication in Alopecia. He is both a general homoeopath as well as a specialist Hair scientist, medically known as a TRICHOLOGIST.

Dr. Reji is an esteemed member of The Trichological Society of UK,

NICHOLSON HOMOEOPATHY and the consultancies of our three generations of committed Homoeopaths are built on the t hree pillars of Dr Hahnemann:

  • » The Rule of Simile, or the principle of Similarity.
  • » Testing of the Medicament in the healthy human being.
  • » The principle of Homoeopathic Dosage.

Our treatments and remedies have not only met with instant success, but are also sought after by several domestic and overseas patients.

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