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Hair loss treatments in Dubai

If you are a recent expatriate to the Persian Gulf chances are that you have experienced some measure of hair loss within the first few months of your move. In fact, hair loss is a common problem that affects people in Dubai, Muscat and other regions in the Gulf. The exact reasons for this vary from person to person as hair loss can be caused by physiological reasons such as the climate, personal stress, etc and genetic reasons. Another instance of hair loss could be as a side effect of illnesses or medications. Homeopathic hair loss treatments in Dubai and Muscat, offered by Nicholson Homeopathy, takes into consideration the unique combinations of factors that could cause hair loss problems in each individual person when prescribing a remedy for them. For example, if your hair loss problems have begun during a period of prolonged grieving, acid phosphorosium is useful; if you work a high pressure job with a lot of stress and consume too much sweet food, lycopodium clavatum is most likely the best cure for your hair loss. Climatological factors form the main causes for hair loss in both native residents and recent movers. The extreme heat experienced in the region is an impediment to the growth of hair. Adding to this is the quality of water. The tap water in Dubai, which is desalinated saltwater, contains a lot of dissolved solids such as chlorine which harm the sensitive skin of your scalp causing it to turn dry and flaky, leading to loss of hair. Nutrition is another factor that is related to the climate. Crops grown in this region are raised in red soil where the health of the crop needs to be augmented with the use of high levels of fertilizers and pesticides. The result is that even if one sticks to a seemingly healthy diet that incorporates a lot of vegetables and fruits, they aren�t necessarily getting all the nourishment they need. A holistic approach to treatment of hair loss always has to consider the patient�s nutrition because natural replenishment of hair only comes from within. The above mentioned physiological factors are the usual causes of sudden and drastic hair loss among expatriates. Additionally hair loss can be affected by genetic factors such as male pattern balding and alopecia in its various stages can and even result from illnesses or as the side effects of medications taken for entirely unrelated ailments. A skilled homeopathic doctor is one that is able to communicate clearly with his patients to glean the various causes and their extent in causing an illness in the patient. The doctors at Nicholson�s Homeopathy always stress the importance of communication in pin pointing the causes which may range from minor daily habits to massive lifestyle changes in the patient�s life.

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